Andrew Theodore "Ted" Runfeldt

Mom & Dad, March, 1992

Here's Mom & Dad in March of 1992

- in the corner of our front yard at 362 Emerson Lane, with their new '91 GM Van in the background.

A happy couple, honest and caring, together since his return from the war in December of 1945. They struggled through raising three sons, and were now were ready to head off for a mild winter in Florida for some well-earned retirement time.

Which they did. And, they enjoyed it.

We lost Dad in July of 1994. We lost Mom in September of 2013. Dad was 74; Mom was 88. They were married for almost fifty years.



We lost Dad four years ago today, on July 18, 1994.

Our lives have all changed a lot since then, 
but the solid foundation that he and Mom gave us as kids,
and the love he always showed to Mom 
continues to give us all strength and inspiration.

Thanks, Dad, just for being who you are.

I hope that you can read these words from wherever you may be,
and know how much we miss you, and 
how much you are still with us...

Andrew Theodore Runfeldt
October 1919 - July 1994

 Dad was very proud of his service during World War II.
He was in the US Army, Second Division, Signal Corps.
Prepared for the D-Day Invasion in Northern Ireland,
landed at Normandy June 7, 1944
survived the Battle of the Bulge (barely)
and ended WWII in Czechoslovakia.

 Then he came home, married his sweetheart and they raised three sons...

And now his ashes lie in the ground of a Veteran's Cemetery in Florida, visited frequently by Mom.

This isn't a 'blog', but I have another comment to add....
As I prepared to leave for Vietnam in 1969, Dad, who had landed at Normandy in WWII,  reminded me of something very, very important as I was about to head off into a dangerous adventure. He said "Remember, what ever situation you find yourself in, what ever is going on around you, it will only be what you make of it."

I took that to mean that my reaction to events and circumstances gave me final control over what would become of me and how I would handle it. It was good advice then - and served me well through over 65 missions in Vietnam, and it serves me well today, married and settled down with a family.

And, I've passed it on to many others over the years. Hopefully, someone will read it here and consider the advice - and take it - and be able to make the most of what ever difficult situation they may find themselves in.

- Alan Runfeldt

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