Jerry McDowell Runfeldt
"Aunt Jerry"

Mom & Dad, March, 1992

Here's Mom & Dad in March of 1992

- in the corner of our front yard at 362 Emerson Lane, with their new '91 GM Van in the background.

A happy couple, honest and caring; together since his return from the war in December of 1945. They struggled through raising three sons, and were now were ready to head off for a mild winter in Florida for some well-earned retirement time.

Which they did. And, they enjoyed it.

We lost Dad in July of 1994.
We lost Mom in September of 2013.
Dad was 74; Mom was 88. They were married for almost fifty years.



We lost Mom this week, on
September 5, 2013

With both Mom & Dad gone now, we are on our own.
but the solid foundation & encouragement that Mom & Dad gave us as kids,
and the way Mom kept her spirits through everything
continues to give us all strength and inspiration.

Thanks, Mom, just for being who you are.

I hope that you can read these words from wherever you may be,
and know how much we miss You & Dad, and 
how much you will always be with us...

Mom met Dad in January 1941 - when she was still in high school. After War broke out in December '41, Dad enlisted in the US Army.

They married in December of 1945 when Dad returned from the war in Europe.

Ted was born in 1946, Alan in 1949 and Steven in 1955.

They were married for almost fifty years, until Dad's death in 1994.

Mom married her friend and new Florida neighbor, Fred Calderelli in 2000.

Mom on Teds Tractor in Michigan last year.

Mom driving Ted's tractor last year.
She was happy, and it shows.

Geraldine Bertha McDowell Runfeldt Calderelli
March 20, 1925 - September, 2013

Geraldine McDowell Runfeldt Calderelli late of Oxford, MI
Born March 20, 1925 in Bergen County New Jersey to a large family.

Predeceased by her husband Andrew Theodore in 1994, survived by her husband Fredrick Calderelli, Jr. Survived by her sons Theodore Runfeldt (Rose), Alan Runfeldt (Catherine), Steven Runfeldt.
Missed by her 7 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren, and 3 great-great grandchildren.

Married Andrew Theodore "Ted" Runfeldt when he returned from service in WWII in 1945.
Lived for many years and raised three sons in Berkeley Heights, NJ where she had been payroll bookkeeper for the Summit Board of Education, a member of Union Village Methodist Church and an active member for thirty years of the NJ Business Professional Women's Organization.
Geraldine served for more than twenty years as Free Acres Town Clerk.

Retired to Florida upon the loss of her husband Theodore.
Married Fred Calderelli in 2000.

Recently lived with her son, Ted in Oxford, Michigan.

In lieu of flowers, donations are encouraged in support of

The Wounded Warrior Project.
She was an avid photographer and was very sociable, with many friends where ever she lived.

Lynch Funeral Home, Oxford, Michigan

Mom's ashes will be interred with Dad's at the Bushnell Veteran's Cemetery in Florida,
where she would often go to visit Dad's grave

..another comment to add....
As her sons (& nieces, nephews and friends) struggled through the normal ups and downs of life, she would often remind us that

"Something good is going to happen today."

This simple line gave us strength to understand that indeed, in every day, something good will happen to us. No matter the unhappy or difficult events of the day, hold on and look for the good thing that will happen as well. 

Mom did that; her inspiration has helped us, her sons, plus many friends and all of the nieces and nephews she loved so well - and all of whom held Mom in the highest esteem.

Last year, our cousin Althea (daughter of Dad's sister Anne) arranged for a "Family Cruise" of the Runfeldt cousins. Of course, Mom was along as the Matriarch of the family and, of course was the "Star of the Show".

At 88, and after having suffered a stroke which left her limited in her selection of pronouns - but not at all limited in her ability to speak and understand, Mom wowed us all with her enthusiasm and energy. During visits to shore during the cruise, it was hard to keep up with Mom & her walker.

Since the cruise was in March and Mom's birthday was March 20, we celebrated her 88th birthday together and Mom could not have been more pleased to have been surrounded by those who she loved - and who loved her, for what would be her last birthday celebration. It was great. She was thrilled.

Although she commented recently that she felt old and tired, she never lacked for the energy to take photos of her friends and chat with her family. When I spoke to her on Wednesday, she seemed just fine.

However, last Thursday, she spoke to Fred by phone in the morning, then laid down for a nap from which she would never awake.

But we do suspect that Mom is awake now and watching over all of us from above...

- Alan Runfeldt September, 2013

Geraldine Runfelt and her 3 sons

Alan, Steve, Ted
& Mom
March, 2013

(see more photos on Steve's Facebook page)


Mom & Dad / Aunt Anne