<## -------SYSTEM CONFIGURATION -------------------------------------##> <## Standard for Net5 installations-------------------------##> <## Standard for Net5 installations-------------------------##> Net5 Cookies Test file
Net5 Cookies Test Script
This script is testing to let you know whether your browser supports cookies...

Your Browser currently has cookies enabled.

Your Htmlscript Callerid is

Sorry, it looks like no cookies for you! You're logging on from
The time is seconds since Jan 1, 1970

Sorry, the callerid feature is currently disabled on our new installation of htmlscript . As a result, this applet will not currently function as designed. However, the associated code is well-tested and will function as described on installations on which cookies placing is enabled.

According to Joe Austin:
"The Global Config File set by the system administrator should have the following setting:
usecookies=yes "
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