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posted June, 2013:

Our House in JuneThe view I see most often - from the garage....

June 3, 2013

Below is the garden

- with the lawn stretching off another hundred yards to the wood line, the ravine and the back creek.

Beyond that, there's nothing but forest,   fields and critters for almost a mile....

Our Garden in June

Yeah. "Peaceful" is the right word for it....

posted fall, 2012:

Our New Home - the Little Yellow House in The Woods

Our New Home - the Little Yellow House in The Woods
"A smaller, well built house on a larger plot of land - with trees and lawn..."
(just what we'd been looking for since we got married.)

Our New Home - the Little Yellow House in The Woods -with Mr. Ripley

The Little Yellow House - at the end of a long gravel lane - just as we dreamed of finding some day - with Mr. Ripley and a tree which became firewood after it came down and blocked our lane during that famous visit from Super Storm Sandy on October 29, 2012

We bought this house from Peggy & Ed - whose parents built it in 1952, and who grew up here. They've been great - and were just as happy to find a couple like us who fell in love with their childhood home as we were to find it. We are very, very excited to now call it home. 

1140 Route 12 in 1952

Our home as it looked from the air in 1961. Note how small all of the trees are. They have certainly grown to maturity since then, and the house now has some very nice yellow aluminum siding.

Alan on Cub Cadet with Snow Plow

And, now, it's time to drop the mowing deck from the Cub Cadet, mount the plow and get ready for winter...