Alan W. Runfeldt
(908) 996-4990

Professional Experience:

Professional technical consulting, systems development, public presentation & training of technical subjects 1982-98. Primary focus of the internet environment since 1995. Specializing in developing and managing interactive web-based data systems; surveys and reports since 1998.

Current and recent Projects:

Founder of No Deadlines Networks, a web applications development and hosting company

  • Design, Programming and Technical Project Management of Internet-based survey & reporting systems
  • Director of Technical Operations,
  • Senior Programmer and System Architect of ATT WorldNet Customer Care survey system, 1998-2005
  • Developer of "PULSE Objects" - Miva code used for developing online survey systems.
  • Developer of the JAT Survey Engine, companion to JAT's SMART Reporting System.
  • Designer of "Miva-SQL Bridge" techniques to link Miva front-ends to SQL Databases
  • Designer/Architect/Project Manager of MySQL Miva Commerce library enabling Miva to communicate directly with MySQL databases
  • Developer and Architect of online survey systems for:
    • Pacific Bell's QPP program
    • The World Bank
    • Great Plains Software
    • ATT WorldNet Customer Care
    • Miva Corporation
    • and others....
  • System Adminstrator, Director of Web services,  managing 4 web servers hosting over 80 domains and multiple other websites.
  • WAN Database programming to manage data in Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL & Miva native (X-base) databases.
Lectures and Seminars:

Previous Major Projects (1980-97):

Co-Developed first successul bi-directional, multilingual personal computer/phototypesetter interface system for A.M. Varityper Comp/Set phototypesetter. Installed systems throughout the US

Co-Developed DOS-based bi-lingual Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew (and over 20 more) PC & laser printer-based publishing systems independently and in cooperation with Diplomat Software, specializing in keyboard special character key sequence encoding and printer and screen font development.

Founding and operating (4 years) Laser PROS laser printer repair service. Concurrent Laser Printer Repair instructor for Don Thompson's Laser Service Seminars

Network Database programming; dBase, Paradox

Lead Instructor, "Hands-on Building a World-Wide Web Site", for American Institute (1995-7)

Website Development, Training & Lecturing, CGI database programming (since 1995)

Alan has received top evaluations from major corporations for his presentation of introductory and advanced website development, maintenance & management courses, and has been honored by the Vietnamese refugee/expatriate community for development of first-ever PC-based Vietnamese language publishing system.


1998-present - Specific focus on Online Market Research; survey systems with real-time results
1995-present - Major focus on Internet technology, webmastering, webhosting, cgi database programming,.consulting, lecturing & training on issues related to the World-Wide Web

1989-94 - Founded and operated Laser Pros Laser-printer repair business

1982-present - Various PC-based publishing, database & hardware/software projects

1974-84 Founded and operated The Excelsior Press/Watchung Mountain Graphics - commercial graphics & printing business, which has evolved into The Excelsior Press Museum of Printing, a working print shop circa 1930.

1968-72 Ssgt (E-5), USAF

       63rd, 8th & 6th Aerial Port Squadrons (serving in Calif, Vietnam & Thailand)

  • Duties included Tactical Airlift Support for US Army, 5th Special Forces Group (South Vietnam)
  • Senior Aerial Port Load Planner, USAF Military Airlift Command (U-Tapao, Thailand)