12 Skills required to build and maintain an effective World-Wide Website

Every website needs a team representing the skills outline in the following list. Many required skillsets overlap and can be managed by one individual, or can be handled by an extensive team. By clearly defining this skill list, the site development team can be expanded or contracted as the website develops.

For example, Publisher, Webmaster, Page Developer responsibitities often reside within one individual, but as a site develops, assistance may be desireable.

Although some webmasters possess graphics and programming skills, these are often drawn in from external sources.

Any skillset required which does not have an individual assigned, becomes the webmaster's responsibility.

  1. Publisher/Client
  2. Content experts
  3. Website Designer (Art Director)
  4. Graphic Artists
  5. HTML/CSS Page developer(s)
  6. Programmer(s)
  7. R & D
  8. Hardware/Software Support resource
  9. Marketing, Website Promotion
  10. Librarian
  11. Internet Technical Experts
  12. Webmaster

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