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This Technical Links site was begun in 1995 as a reference site for students attending my webmaster seminars. It is updated regularly.
It contains a number of Technical Reference Links which could answer many of your questions about creating Websites using HTML, Graphics, CGI, Java & Javascript and Installing and Running a Professional Web Server.
A lot of the hottest new links are at my "CA97" Lecture Website, so don't miss that. It includes download links to all of the software I use in my lectures/classes - CA97 Resources
Please use these pages to find links to the content you'll
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APACHE SERVER The best/most popular Unix Server on the WEB and it's Free!" - check it out.
Timely news on developments with the web's most popular server.
Linux.Org - The place to start to find your own free Unix Operating System - many easy-install CD versions
JAGuNET Now here's a REAL Internet Center - been around a long time, with a good attitude
NETCRAFT Server-USED Report - Graphs & Charts of Servers used by 250,000 websites
What Server are They Running? - Find out what server is currently in use by any domain on the web - and lots, lots more.
NCSA's own httpd - Server Tutorial "HooHoo"
BOB DENNY'S WEB SITE (Author of Web Site & general Internet GURU) - a Notebook Server and "Experimental" Web Site (with many new features & links to Web Technical Document Sources)
ORACLE'S Power Browser/Server NEW TOOL FOR INTRANETS:Netscape watch out!
WebCompare Wanna compare server and browser software? Great Analyses
Model of Web Server Performance by Dr. L.P. Slothouber - a detailed analysis of Web Server Performance with an important discussion of Queueing Theory
Netcraft's Security Page System Security - Firewalls Some Good source of Firewall info
Data Security - Cryptography RSA Data Security's Home Page
RAWSPACE.NET Looking for Vitrual Web Space? - or.. just check out the Equipment set-up they've got....
INTERNIC Contact Internic to Register a Domain Name

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CGI / FORMS, Enhancements [ TOP ] [ MENU ] [ JAVA & JAVA Script ]


The quality that makes you go to great effort to reduce overall energy expenditure. It makes you write labour-saving programs that other people will find useful, and document what you wrote so you don't have to answer so many questions about it. Hence the first great virtue of a programmer."

Larry Wall [Programming Perl, Larry Wall and Randal. L. Schwartz, 1992 O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., page 426.]

  • What IS CGI?
    - The Common Gateway Interface - a brief intro.
  • HTMLScript
    - (HTML for Client-side CGI control) It's a preprocessor for your HTML documents - runs on your server (costs $500) and adds amazing functionality to HTML+HTML-Script-encoded pages! Read/write/search data files, evaluate variable values, make "smart" forms - Like JavaScript, but without the bugs - and it works with any browser!
  • CyberExplorer
    Netscape-Enhanced "Advanced Technology" Demo site.
  • CGI-Basics
    For Netscape Server Courtesy of: Silicon Graphics
    Their stuff's ALWAYS "new!" - Download a free chapter of current selection (Good STUFF!" 5/20/96 it was Intro to HTML FRAMES & CGI Server-Side Includes!)
  • PERL parse-form-data and return-error subroutines from O'Reilly's Perl Nutshell book by Shishir Gundavaram
  • PERL CGI Scripts Matt's Script Archive
    - before you write that Perl Script, see if Matt's already written it! A whole library available for free download.
  • CPAN - The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
    The other best source I've found for up-to-date information relating to using PERL - Includes Archive of PERL Scripts as well as a LOT of documentation about PERL -
  • The Perl Programming Language - Perl Programming Manuals, Reference Books and other links
  • PERL Manual - Larry Wall's Book on Perl (Larry Wall is the creator of Perl)
  • PERL Language Manual CPAN's online Manual on Using Perl to write CGI Scripts
  • Server-Side-Includes FAQ - U-Penn's FAQ on SSI
  • CGI RESOURCES WEBSITE Programs & Scripts, Documentation, Books, Articles, Jobs

  • JAVA & JAVA Script [ TOP ] [ MENU ]

    JAVA SCRIPT Section [Jump to JAVA Section]

    1. Netscape's Javascript Interest Calculator Check it out - on screen instant calculations!
    2. JAVA Script 411 - FAQ - BASICS
      - Required Reading if you want to learn to use JAVAScript in your Web Pages - maintained by Andy Augustine
    3. JAVAScript 411
      - Andy Augustine's GREAT overview, details, demos and FAQ relating to Netscape's JAVAScript Enhancement
    4. JAVAScript 2.0 Guide - at Netscape
    5. JAVAScript 3.0 Guide - at Netscape
    6. Using JAVA Script in in HTML Forms - very handy way to improve your forms data processing & validating while minimizing CGI server requests. courtesy of JAVA WORLD Magazine
    7. Bugs in Javascript - from 1/25/96

    JAVA Section [Back up to JAVA Script Section]

    1. IBM's Developer's Resource for JAVA programmers
    2. 100% Pure Java Certification Website
    3. JAVA World - on-line magazine ALL ABOUT JAVA
    4. JAVA - @ SUN Sun's JAVA Workshop Page
    5. JAVA reference Links from Princeton
    6. JAVA Mixins
      By Roy Freeman - Mixins are like libraries of JAVA routines (aka "JAVA class libraries") - check it out. These JAVA applets can be used even if you are not an expert JAVA programmer.

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    Graphics for Web Pages [ TOP ] [ MENU ]

    1. Free Clipart from Sausage Software, publishers of Hot Dog HTML editing Software - also links to a dozen more sources of free clip art for you to use.
    2. O'Reilly's Graphics Formats Home Page Tools/Graphics/Info
    3. Gif Animations on the Web by CyberNet - "The Gallery of Gifs"
      Tutorials, Tools and Samples - a Must See for Page Designers
      Courtesy of Royal Frazier
    4. Animated gifs - So, you want to see some animated gifs? Here's Mikey's Collection (requires Netscape 2.0+ to view)
    5. THE MACHINE at INETCORP.com - wanna see something really cool? Check out INETCORP's INET Cloning Machine! (requires Netscape 2.0 or better)
    6. Try PixelSite to CREATE titles
    7. DigitalStyle.com - Tools for maintaining cohesive page designs.
    8. TERRY GOULD's GRAPHICS SITE Download Pictures, Icons, Backgrounds and Bars (/with animation)
    9. Grahame's Graphics for Homepages Free downloadable graphics, buttons, dividers, etc.
    10. Reducing Photos to tiny icons - and making them look good - Good brief Tutorial by Ray Trygstad

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    Internet Connection - [Return to MENU]

    1. ISDN Services w/ Link to Bell Atlantic ISDN
    2. ISDN INFO CENTER - "MR. ISDN" A Excellent and Complete set of pages dedicated to answering YOUR ISDN questions. (Best viewed with high-res monitor..)
    3. Mindspring.com ISDN Services

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    Webmaster General Reference - [Return to MENU]

    1. C|Net's Web Builder.com- a rich source of current resources to help you do a better job.
    2. Netscape's Navigator Gold Tool Chest - Tools, graphics, javascript applets and references for buildling websites

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